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It all started from a small conversation between me and my colleague. Another chill morning in the coffee shop that I worked at when we had so much free time to chit chat. She was so enthusiastic telling her story about what she had done on the weekend, doing whale watching tour in Sydney. When she mentioned the price was only $40, I soon lost my interest until I thought about it again, hey, that wasn’t too bad.

Booking Sydney whale watching tour

I came back home, thought long and hard to make the decision. I hate spending money (stingy!) so it took me quite a while to make up my mind. One side of me was trying to persuade me, it’s a cool thing, a new experience for me to see whales migrating while another side of me telling me not to spend money. I decided to go for it. I quickly surfed the internet, first, Groupon site where the deal came from. There were several companies that provided whale watching tour. I did couple research reading reviews about the companies and my choice fell to Oz Whale Watching.

I tried to plan everything well cause I didn’t want to miss the chance meeting a whale. Even though it’s guaranteed to see a whale and the company offered another free tour if no whales were seen, still. I wanted everything went smooth. Also I was concerned about Sydney’s weather that always keep changing especially in couple weeks ago, the weather was literally shit.

whale watching tour sydney

Sitting on the front deck

Everything’s booked and we’re set to go. Meeting point was at Darling Harbor where we gathered to board on the boat. The weather was nice, even though it’s a bit chilly. As soon as I hopped on the boat, I tried to find a good spot to sit. The boat was big enough with some seats inside and outside. The boat started to move slowly leaving Darling Harbor. We passed Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge, what a nice view. Then we enjoyed the breakfast which was included in the package; bun, sausage, and scramble egg, not bad.

whale watching sydney

Hornsby Lighthouse

I saw the whale!

The sea was a bit rough and the wind could be a little bit annoying but other than that, the sky was clear and the sun was beautiful. Not long after we sailed, about 15 minutes, we spotted something. A whale just came up to surface. That’s really quick! We all rushed to the front deck. I could see this black shadow underneath the water and soon the tail followed before it disappeared.

It’s a humpback whale, the most spotted whale that migrates from Antarctic up to the more temperate waters of Australia. There’s this sort of interval when they appeared to the surface and we had to wait another 10-15 minutes before it showed up again. Some of us stood still in front of the deck sharpened our eyes tried to spot the whale while others remained sitting inside. I bet they couldn’t handle the wind and the shaky boat. The captain of the boat and the guide were experienced enough to follow the track of the whales. It looked funny when everyone’s rushing from one side to another side to get better sight in the state where it’s almost impossible to stand steady without holding onto something.

humpback whale watchng sydney

The whale is coming up

breaching humpback whale watching sydney


The sun went up higher, more boats were coming. Personally I was very happy to see the whales not just once but couple of times coming up to the surface. There were two of them, a young mother and a calf moving gracefully in the water not distracted by the boats above. All of sudden, the calf just jumped out of the water and slammed itself to the water. It’s the whale behavior called breaching. Everyone was screaming in excitement, couldn’t believe what had just happened. Best feeling ever!

Things you have to know:

Little preparation is necessary to enhance the experience of watching whale. Bear in mind that the whales are wild creature. Here’s some information that might help you out:

  1. The average cost for doing this tour is $94. I booked the tour from Groupon. It was four hours tour including breakfast/lunch for $39 and it was satisfying. Click here to get the deal.
  2. Best months to do whale watching in Sydney is May-November.
  3. Check the weather before you book the tour.
  4. Morning or afternoon doesn’t really matter.
  5. Bring jacket, hat, sunglasses, camera, and tablets if you’re not comfortable with sea motion.
  6. Don’t eat too much, you don’t wanna get seasick!
  7. Front deck is my favorite spot.
  8. Enjoy your time!


Traveled in 27 August 2016

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