From Banaue, my journey continues to Batad, a small village in the middle of mountainous area with an unbelievable high and neat formation of rice terraces cutting in the middle of valley.

We took regular jeepney at the market. Along the dusty under-construction road, inside a fully loaded jeepney not only humans but goods like sand sacks, eggs, vegetables, bottles, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

It seems like sitting on the jeepney’s roof has become a trend among foreigners. It’s more fun sitting on the roof, except the dusts and the cool breezing wind slap your face.

We arrived at the saddle then continued by walking down to the village. There’s no transportation at all in the village.

Some local guys passing by carrying the goods from the jeepney to the village.

Around 45 minutes walked, we arrived at the registration post and paid PHP 50 each person for the retribution fee.

How to get to Batad Rice Terraces from Banaue

If you’re starting from Manila, you would have to get bus to Banaue first. You can check my previous article on getting to Banaue from Manila.

Once you arrive in Banaue, there are regular jeepneys near the market. Departure time around 7.30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The driver will wait until the jeepney is full. Price PHP 150/person, travel time around 45 minutes-an hour.

You may also take tricycle from Banaue which sometimes offer cheap price PHP 250-500/way.

Ask the driver to drop you at saddle, not junction because sometimes they will drop you in junction and from junction you still have to walk further to the saddle.

trekking batad rice terraces

Trekking in Batad Rice Terraces

On the next day, Peryita, our guide picked us in the homestay and trekked to the view point and Tappiya Fall.

We walked through the rice terrace to the viewpoint. Hiking in Batad might be pretty challenging for you who’re not used to trek or hike, so prepare yourself.

But the minute you step your foot in Batad, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this place.

The warm villagers, and surprisingly they all speak good English, elders and children.

Getting to Batad Viewpoint and waterfall is not that difficult as we walked in the rice terrace and walked down the stairs to the waterfall.

But getting back to where we stayed was tiring, also from the village back to Saddle, it drained my energy.

We jumped into the cold waterfall and swam back and forth. What a nice life!

rice terraces in philippines

Where to Stay in Batad

Mostly the accommodation in Batad Rice Terraces starts from PHP 250/person/night.

We stayed at Hillside Inn which has a very good restaurant view of the rice terrace.

The food is nice, love their pizzas. Signal is very difficult in Batad so don’t expect for wi fi.

The only problem in Hillside Inn was just the noise of people in the room can be heard if they speak loudly. It’s very cold during the night in Batad, so bring your warm clothes.

Some other you might wanna check out around Batad Rice Terraces are:

Is guide needed in Batad?

Guide costs PHP 700 for a day trip to viewpoint, waterfall, and village. Actually the village is very small, consisting just around 100 inhabitants.

It might be a bit confusing to the highest view point since we have to cross the rice terrace.

You can follow the path to the village, crossing the rice terrace and find the stairs to view point and waterfall.

It’s pretty easy, but if you’re in a group, why don’t you help locals by using their service.

Tips: You can hire porter if you want or if you intend to stay or do one day visit only in Batad Rice Terraces, you can leave your baggage in Banaue. I suggest you to spend few nights in Batad because it’s pretty tiring if you have one day trekking in Batad Rice Terraces. Last time I spent 5 hours to enjoy everything in Batad, not including the trekking from saddle to the village. It’s better to stay overnight, as I did.

tappiya falls batad

Traveled in 6-10 February 2014

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