Supported by OTOP Project, Fu Wan Chocolate plays a vital role in producing the best chocolate not only in Taiwan but in the world.

Chocolate is long known as a sweet treat, loved by all generations, and in fact, it is scientifically proven for its health benefits.

There is no reason to hate chocolate.

It is a gift on Valentine’s Day to express feeling to someone we care the most – sort of a tradition that is still going strong – no matter how technology has changed the world.

For chef or patissier, chocolate is like an art that can be playfully used, transformed, or even mixed with other substantial to create the finest masterpiece.

Chocolate is happiness.

Understand chocolate deeper with Fu Wan Chocolate

As you might read from my previous post, I was visiting Taiwan for a special project to promote “One Town One Product” in Pingtung.

Another factory that we visited was Fu Wan Chocolate that has a reputation in winning several awards for its high quality chocolate.

Fu Wan Chocolate uses a technology named “Tree to Bar Process” which is still rarely used by other chocolate factory.

From the process of cultivation, harvesting, to roasting, everything is perfectly overseen by Fu Wan Chocolate until it gets to the market and ready to be consumed widely by chocolate-lovers.

The introduction of Fu Wan Chocolate started from a quick insight about the company.

We walked past a new modern building that was still under renovation but the shape looked promising and would probably be ready to start operating soon.

Our guide, a lovely lady began to explain from the process of planting the cocoa.

“Pingtung is a very suitable place for planting cocoa due to a perfect climate condition”, she added.

I moved closer to the trees and my focus switched to the fruits hanging on the trees, some were red some were green.

Suddenly, the lady asked for a volunteer to open the fruit, without hesitation I offered myself.

So, with a small hammer on my hand I gathered all my power and smashed the cocoa fruit until it broke apart.

I had no idea that it was actually pretty easy to crack the fruit, poor cocoa.

Everyone had the chance to taste the fruit including me, surprisingly it tasted sweet.

Next, we took a quick look to the workshop area where the bean was roasted and processed before it went to the final touch.

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fu wan chocolate building
The buiding of Fu Wan Chocolate

DIY chocolate making to chocolate tasting

Learning how the chocolate is being processed was cool, but I couldn’t wait to make my own chocolate.

Moving to the next building, we sat on our own station where all the tools that we needed to make our own chocolate had been prepared:

Two melted chocolate (dark and white), one box, one pack of nuts, and one pack of dried shrimp?!

You know that I’m bad at this kind of stuff right?

I tried my best to create the best shape out of it but it’s a complete mess, who cares as long as it’s still edible.

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the making of fu wan chocolate
DIY chocolate

Once everyone finished, the boxes that contained the chocolate were taken to the fridge to cool them down.

While we’re waiting, another lady presented a tray of different kinds of chocolate for us to be tasted.

I was drooling, my eyes were just staring at it, and my hands were completely ready to be the first to snap it.

From the bitterly-pleasing dark chocolate, milder milk chocolate, to sweet lychee drip in the chocolate, to the most bizarre curry and dried shrimp chocolate.

Simply with only chocolate, my mood got a lot better.

tasting chocolate fu wan taiwan
Look at them!

Other than chocolate bars, Fu Wan Chocolate tries to maximize all parts of the cocoa as well, such as making the tea out of the skin, turns another part out of it to honey.

There’s a drink that I tried which was quite interesting.

It’s the honey added with foamy soda and it tasted similar like coke.

In a nutshell, the tour is something that you should definitely check on, especially if you’re curious about chocolate.

Moreover, they’re not playing around cause the chocolate has won many international awards!

Fu Wan Chocolate is also a great destination for family vacation, they do have accommodations and villas to rent.

Another interesting thing that we did together was visiting Seadawn Seafood Park where we also made some DIY shredded squid as well, it was fun!

taiwan blogger trip
Thanks for the good experience!


Fu Wan Chocolate Taiwan
No. 100 Dapeng Road
Donggang Township, Pingtung
Price for DIY Chocolate: NTD 250/person

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