DIY Shredded Squid in Taiwan Seadawn Seafood Park

This story recounts my visit to Seadawn Seafood Park in Linbian Township, Pingtung, Taiwan, aimed at promoting the government’s initiative named ‘One Town One Product’ (OTOP).

Despite its small size, Taiwan offers an abundance of experiences.

I always find myself excited to talk about Taiwan due to the wonderful experiences I’ve had in this beautiful country.

The people are genuinely nice and friendly, and the nature is incredibly enchanting, boasting some of the highest peaks in the region.

Oh, and I absolutely adore the night markets in every city I’ve visited, observing the locals as they interact, socialize, perhaps even date, and of course, savoring the food!

Over a recent weekend, I had the opportunity to return to Taiwan, specifically to Pingtung County. It was only for one night, but the experience was, without a doubt, memorable.

So, where exactly is Pingtung? It is located in the country’s southernmost part, comprising rural and mountain indigenous townships, in fact, more than any other county in Taiwan.

Kenting National Park is one of the famous attractions in Pingtung.

The county is renowned for its local products, such as agricultural and seafood products.

During my first visit to Taiwan, I didn’t get to learn much about Pingtung because I was traveling directly from Hualien to Kaohsiung at the time.

Well, technically, I passed through the county by train, but I never actually set foot there.

Visiting Taiwan Seadawn Seafood Park

I was actually here for a special project named “One Town One Product” (OTOP) which is a movement initiated since 1989 in Taiwan in order to promote the local resources and specialty.

Both small business and government work hand in hand to produce best quality product, in line with the traditional or cultural value from each county.

This is brilliant in my opinion, and some of the countries have adapted this project including Indonesia.

I really appreciate Taiwanese government that has taken this project seriously and willing to promote it externally.

OTOP will trigger the nation’s economy and improve people’s life for sure in the long run.

famtrip otop pingtungGift and Pop from Thailand

One interesting aspect of the ‘One Town One Product’ (OTOP) initiative is its combination of production or business activities with tourism.

A prime example in Taiwan is Seadawn Seafood Park, located in Linbian Township, Pingtung.

Founded by the well-established Zhengyi Food Company, it has expanded its reach globally, exporting seafood products to countries like Australia, South Korea, the United States, and many others.

With over 40 years of experience, the company has opened its doors to tourists interested in learning about the product-making process.

The factory is situated in a tranquil outskirts area, painted in light colors with bold blue accents.

Upon entering the building, I noticed that the walls and ceilings were all painted blue.

A tour guide led us to a room where a video about the history of Seadawn Seafood Park was shown.

Since everything was in Chinese, I was fortunate to have one of the guys translate for me. It would be beneficial if they added at least subtitles to the video.

After a brief introduction to the company, we proceeded to the hallway, where pictures of various fish processed by Seadawn Seafood Park were displayed on the left wall.

seadawn seafood park pingtung

Trying to do DIY Shredded Squid 

The next part of our tour was the DIY Shredded Squid session, featuring one of their most popular products.

The process seemed simple, but, feeling like a kid with a new toy, I found it surprisingly fun.

First, I spread a squid paste—already processed—thinly across a sheet, aiming for as flat a surface as possible.

Next, it was off to the baking machine, where it had to pass through twice to fully bake.

Some parts ended up slightly burned because I had spread the paste too thinly.

I was supposed to cut it into pieces with a cutter machine, but I couldn’t resist taking a bite first.

The freshly baked squid chips— or whatever you’d like to call them—tasted amazing!

They were sweet and crispy, without a hint of fishiness or excess salt. My first attempt was a success.

otop pingtung

process of making shredded squid

what to do in pingtung

I experimented several more times, creating various shapes with the paste.

One of the girls from Thailand did an exceptionally good job, crafting a butterfly shape out of it.

After completing the tour, we visited the souvenir shop, where an array of products in different flavors was on display, including seaweed, garlic, and spicy flavors.

The price for the DIY Tour is NTD 200, and it’s available daily at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Taiwan Seadawn Seafood Park
No. 122 Chenggong Rd.
Linbian, Pingtung 927

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