Some of you might know that I’m currently staying in Bali for a while. I decided to stay longer in Bali this time because I feel like I can do more stuffs that I like, maybe find more opportunities while can still traveling across the island. This time, I’m going north again to visit one of the most sensational resort in Bali, Munduk Moding Plantation.

It was chill when we got to Munduk Moding Plantation. I knew it was rainy season but I didn’t expect that it would be this cold.

Soon I realized, the resort is located at a higher elevation that is why the temperature is much cooler.

Walking from the entrance to the lobby area, I took my time observing my surrounding.

It didn’t feel like I was walking inside a property, perhaps it’s more like I was strolling in a very beautiful, lush, and jungle-like garden.

Tropical plants such as Heliconias, Colocasias, Bamboos, also colorful flowers like Hibiscus and Frangipani enhance the natural feel around this area.

The staff at the lobby warmly welcomed me and offered me a cup of hot coffee blended with ginger and cinnamon.

Done with the registration, the staff sent me to my room with a buggy.

Again, I was fascinated how natural it was. I barely could see buildings cause the villas are hidden behind the trees.

Munduk Moding Plantation surrounding
Beautiful pathway at the villas, very lush

My Garden Suite Villa at Munduk Moding Plantation

My room was a garden suite villa. Like its name, the villa is surrounded by the garden. When the weather is nice, the view of the hills and plantation can be seen from our room.

Unfortunately, it was mostly foggy when we were there though sometimes it gets clear and the view is visible.

The bed was beautifully set up with netting curtains, traditional patterned pillows and a cute elephant doll folded from towel sat nicely on it.

Next to the bedroom was the closet and bathroom area, simple and well-decorated with wooden furniture.

I love the full glass windows that cover almost all the sides. I just want to lay down on bed and stare at the lovely garden outside.

The room looks brighter, and bigger actually with the glass window.

I found this small treat near the window, a set of fresh fruits looking nice with leaves underneath.

There is no air-con in the room, who needs it anyway – the temperature can drop to 20, even lower during the night.

The scent of the aromatherapy filled the air and these little yellow flowers were nicely put on every corners of the room.

Garden Villa Suite Munduk Moding Plantation
My room in Garden Villa Suite
Bed in Munduk Moding Plantation
Super Comfy Bed
complimentary fruits in Munduk Moding Plantation
Complimentary fruits in the room

Dining Experience at Mimpi Restaurant

Since the weather was not so friendly, we decided to sit in Mimpi Restaurant and enjoy our afternoon tea.

The tea time is inclusive and served between 3 – 6 p.m.

I had a pot of black tea with milk on side and the cookies, they’re amazing.

I actually tried a few things here as I had all my breakfast, lunch, and dinner here.

The weather made us too lazy to go out and it’s nice to sit facing directly to the pool.

For my dinner, I ordered a spaghetti carbonara.

They gave me bread and salad as the starter before serving my main course.

I was surprised when my spaghetti came, the portion was huge, I could hardly finish it.

I also tried gado-gado for my next dinner and again it was satisfying.

For the breakfast, the options can be either American breakfast or Indonesian breakfast.

American breakfast comes with a basket of danish and I chose eggs with bacon and sausage.

I would love to have more bacon and sausage on the plate, it tasted yummy though.

I tried fried rice for my Indonesian breakfast and some other traditional desserts.

In addition, I also had lassie and jaffle to complete my breakfast, definitely a big set of breakfast.

One thing that I want to point out is the good service from the staffs in the restaurant. They’re super friendly and helpful.

Up on the second floor of the restaurant, there is a billiard table, also bookshelf in the corner for reading.

Gym is also located at this floor. I tried the gym and it’s actually spacious enough for a workout.

Spaghetti Carbonara
Breakfast time!

Activities in Munduk Moding Plantation

I came back to my room after dinner and found my curtains had been shut.

I found a paper rolled next to a box of chocolate on the bench, how sweet was that.

The schedule for tomorrow’s activity was written on the paper. The first would be bird watching at 6.45 a.m.

I might just have to skip this cause it’s too early for me.

The next day I woke up, it was still cloudy and foggy so after a warm quick shower, I had breakfast and joined the guided walking tour around the plantation.

Gede was the name of the guide, he spoke pretty good English.

First, he explained and showed us the differences about Arabica and Robusta Coffee.

Here in Munduk Moding Plantation, they grow Arabica coffee even export the coffee beans.

Next, Gede leaded us to an organic farm where fruits like strawberries, herbs, and vegetables are growing.

The overall area of Munduk Moding Plantation including the resort is 5 hectares, imagine how big it is.

Tour around Munduk Moding Plantation
Tour around the plantation

After getting the knowledge of coffee plants, now it’s time to learn about coffee roasting.

I was more excited to see the traditional way of coffee roasting.

Gede told me the process of roasting the coffee bean traditionally can take around an hour.

The lady showed me how to crush the beans into powder by a giant wooden stick until it’s ready to be served.

I went back to the restaurant where another staff explained how to roast the coffee beans with a machine.

A certain temperature is set to do the roasting. When the coffee bean was roasted, he demonstrated how the brewing was done and I tasted it.

I’m just an occasional coffee drinker, by the way, nevertheless I finished my cup.

I learned alot today. Other than coffee tour, there are some other interesting activities such as kite making, straw making from bamboo, and folding the towels into animal.

Traditional roasting coffee Munduk Moding Plantation
Learning how to roast coffee in a traditional way
Brewing the coffee
munduk moding plantation room
Folding towels to animal shape

Everyone would agree that the infinity pool is the best part. I could imagine that it’d look great during sunset.

The clouds moved so fast when I was here and most of the time it was foggy, so I was happy to see bit of sun and blue sky.

The view from the pool overlooking at the northern coast of Bali was amazing.

I personally love the jacuzzi and the best time to have a dip is actually during the night, when it’s darker and colder, the jacuzzi feels nicer.

Having this opportunity to stay in Munduk Moding Plantation is like a dream comes true for me.

Pool Munduk Moding Plantation
The best part, infinity pool!

What else around Munduk Moding Plantation?

I totally understand that you might get lazy and stay just in the resort like I did.

However, there’re actually a lot of interesting objects to see around Munduk Moding Plantation.

Here are some suggestions on where to go around Munduk Moding Plantation:

Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan

Known as twin lake located next to each other, Lake Tamblingan and Buyan are surrounded with pristine rainforest.

There are still many Balinese Temples around Lake Tamblingan, Pura Dalem Tamblingan is one of them.

Munduk Moding Plantation provides free shuttle to Lake Tamblingan every morning.


Tourists flock to capture that perfect instagram shot sitting inside a bamboo nest also some other unique shapes with the lake and the stunning hills as the background.

Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Still around this area, Banyumala Twin Waterfall has recently gaining some attentions from travelers. It’s nice taking a dip but it can be a bit cold.

Lake Beratan

A must-visit when you’re in Bali, Lake Beratan where the sacred water temple named Pura Ulun Danu outshines since it’s built in 1633.

You can also rent a canoe to get a better experience.


Going up to the north is Singaraja, home to some of the most stunning waterfalls in Bali such as Gitgit, Aling aling and Sekumpul Falls.

Read my story about them.

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Mandatory photo spot

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