Cruising Experience with Genting Dream by Dream Cruises

Check out my experience on board with Genting Dream Cruise – what activities you can do, restaurants to try, and list of entertainments including shows and casino!

I did the cruising twice, one was 5D4N Singapore – Surabaya – North Bali – Singapore, the second one was 3D2N cruising from Singapore – Port Klang – Singapore.

When was the last time I did cruising, nearly 18 years ago!

Yep, I was still a little kid at that time.

I could only recall a few things, things that of course a kid would love – swimming pool, circus, and casino.

Wait, casino? How was a kid supposed to know about casino?

Easy, that’s where my parents would go right after me and my siblings fell asleep.

And now, 18 years later, I had a chance to be back on cruise again – this time with Genting Dream Cruise.

So, let’s jump in to my Genting Dream Cruise review!

Getting on Board with Genting Dream Cruise

Entering the port, I saw this big building on distance, and it wasn’t a building.

It’s the ship that I’m going to board, man it’s huge!

The port was busy, with guests from the cruise hopping down on shore to get souvenirs or just to stay on land.

While some other local audiences just hang around the port to marvel this big ship, something that can be rarely seen.

We cleared the registration (make sure you bring your passport) and headed up to the room.

I had a double room with a balcony outside. It’s bigger than I thought.

The bed was super comfy, seriously I had perfect sleep throughout the night.

There’s a sofa to lay down when I’m not wearing my pajamas, complete set of sandals and bathrobes, oh and I love their shower gel, smells good.

The little balcony is perfect to chill or to watch sunset.

I’m super ready to explore Genting Dream Cruise!

room in genting dream cruisemy room for three nights

Eat while you can

One of a friend told me; before you start cruising, measure your weight and after you’re back home, you’ll be surprised!

Now I understand why.

There’s no way to not stuffing yourself with all these yummy food.

With restaurants serving high quality food, ranging from Asian to Western Cuisine, you’ll forget all your dietaries rule and, just feed yourself.

The inclusive restaurants in Genting Dream are Lido Restaurant and Dream Dining Room.

Lido Restaurant serves more varieties of food with buffet style while Dream Dining Room serves Chinese cuisine.

I had my breakfast normally in these restaurants.

The other restaurants that I also tried were the Hotpot, Bistro by Mark Best, Blue Lagoon, and Umi Uma.

blue lagoon restaurant genting dream cruise reviewBlue Lagoon Restaurant

If I had to choose one of my favorite restaurants,  I think I’ll go for Bistro by Mark Best and Umi Uma (sorry, I can’t decide between these two).

I think the food at the Bistro is just on another level for fine dining.

The tenderloin steak was soft and juicy with seasoning on point and the mouth-watering matcha mousse just melt when you take a spoon of it.

Thinking of it now makes me regret, why didn’t I order more food?

Tenderloin steak the Bistro Genting Dream
The tenderloin steak from Bistro by Mark Best


My other favorite restaurant in Genting Dream Cruise is Umi Uma Restaurant.

You can guess from its name that it’s a Japanese Restaurant, meaning that there’ll be sushi, sashimi, bento, udon (I love them all!).

The highlight of this restaurant is the teppanyaki performance.

You’ll be sitting around a table with a chef cooking right on your face.

The chefs are very entertaining.

They pull off some fun attractive moves such as singing, juggling, like, spinning the eggs and throw them to the chef’s hat while cooking your food.

I really enjoy the interactions between the chefs and the guests, the atmosphere in the restaurant is full of excitement.

You definitely have to go to Umi Uma.

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japanese set dream cruiseMy unagi set

umi uma restaurant genting dream cruiseUmi Uma Restaurant

teppayanki show dream cruiseTeppanyaki Show

Other activities and entertainments in Genting Dream Cruise

Frankly, I was thinking what could I do inside the ship for such a long time.

But after all the experiences in Genting Dream Cruise, clearly there’s nothing to worry about.

There are so many things to do and you won’t get bored for sure.

Again, the ship is huge. Sometimes I still forgot the direction back to my room.

Let’s have a look what’s inside Genting Dream, shall we?

1. Zodiac Theater

Every night there will be show scheduled in Zodiac Theater.

With shimmering outfits and stage, the talented performers will stun you with their dancing skills and acrobatic movements.

Voyage of the Lovers Dream is a must to watch in Genting Dream Cruise.

The theatrical show will take you to a fantasy world of the unique love story between the mermaid and the astronaut.

Some dances can be powerful, some features remarkable ballet moves. For me it’s a night to remember.

entertainment in genting dream cruisePretty mermaid in the show Voyage of a Lovers Dream

performers in dream cruiseMusic and dance performance at Zodiac Theater

2. The Bridge Tour

See what it’s like to be on a captain seat with the Bridge Tour.

The Bridge is the most important area of the ship where the captain and his officers control and ensure that the ship runs safely on the sea.

The crew, as a guide will explain how to see the numbers on screen telling the depth of the sea, the speed, etc.

You may also have a conversation with the friendly officers.

the bridge captain roomThe Bridge

bridge tourWatching down as if we’re about to dock the ship

3. Pool, Water Slide, and Sportplex

Pool and sportplex area always get busy during the day.

There’s always be activities prepared by the crew such as games, aerobic, and many more.

I didn’t try the water slide but I bet it’s gonna be fun.

There’s even a basketball court on the ship! I did the wall-climbing, rope course, and the flying-fox.

The flying-fox is one of my best experience on the ship, it’s nerve-wrecking.

Imagine you’re zip-lining from one end to another with wide open sea below, and it’s like 35 meters high!

playground dream cruisePlayground area

Night dip around the pool area

4. Crystal Life Fitness and Spa

You may eat a lot but at least gotta burn some calories, agree?

Head to the Crystal Life Fitness Center in Genting Dream Cruise and do some cardio workout or weight-lifting, even better.

Believe me, doing workout facing the sea is not things you can do regularly, except on the cruise-so make it count!

Then you can spoil yourself with the spa treatment, what a life!


5. Bar Hopping!

Need a bit of alcohol intake to make yourself a bit more relax?

Bars are just on every corner of Dream Cruise.

If you’d like to drink while getting your tan line under the sun then Pool Deck Bar or Sun Deck Bar is the place for you.

Champagne lovers? Straight to the Bubbles Champagne Bar.

I prefer the Johnnie Walker House as a fan of whisky (sounds like an old man, eh).

Look at this gorgeous Whisky Constellation Wall, offering a comprehensive index of Scotch whisky distilleries.

johnnie walker house dream cruiseJohnnie Walker House

6. Zouk Club and Zouk Beach Club

Surprisingly, my favorite club, Zouk is inside the Genting Dream.

I was a regular at the Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur and knowing that there’s another Zouk inside the cruise reminds me of that old nights.

The DJs were great, also the lights and lasers are sick, surely meet the Zouk’s standard.

If you wanna chill a bit you can go next door to play bowling or billiard.

Another best moment in the Dream Cruise.

zouk club genting dream cruise reviewZouk Club

7. Genting Casino

Like my parents, cruising is a fun way to spend your money and bet for your luck in the casino.

Get the chips ready and hit the table, who knows you’ll bring a suitcase of dollars back home.

I don’t really see many tables on board. However, there’re some slot machines that you can play with.

The minimum bet for casino tables in Genting Dream Cruise ranges between SGD 100 – 200.

For the machines, it shouldn’t cost that much, maybe around SGD 10.

8. Party and Fireworks

The last night on the ship was full of blast! Everyone’s just dancing and had fun in the main pool deck.

No matter young or old, people just dance to the music and follow the movements by the crew on the stage, like a flashmob.

Looks like everyone enjoying their time, including me.

Before calling it a night, we watched the fireworks on the sea and time for sweet dreams.

fireworks genting dream by dream cruisesFireworks at the sea

Second time with Genting Dream Cruise

Far flung in the middle of the sea, a ship – immensely built and designed to award holiday-seekers with its most luxurious experience – sailed across the Malacca Strait from Singapore to Malaysia.

The art piece on the both sides of the vessel is tastefully crafted to leave a strong impression to anyone who lays eyes on it.

Genting Dream Cruise Singapore, set on its journey to entertain more than 3,000 passengers on board, including myself.

That could be a nice narrative for an intro or trailer of a movie, can you imagine that? haha.

I think I’m trying to hard to put a nice words – which I love to try for learning and practicing my writing.

So, recently I just had a trip with Genting Dream Cruise (again!) and I’m very excited to share it with you guys.

As you might have known, this was my second time, as always, it never failed to please me.

My Genting Dream Cruise Singapore Experience: Enroute Singapore – Port Klang – Singapore

The route that I had this time was an easy and fun 3D2N, cruising from Singapore to Port Klang and back to Singapore.

It’s also the most popular since it’s do-able for weekend trip.

Once I arrived at Marina Bay Cruise Centre, the giant ship was waiting calmly before embarking to its destination, Port Klang in Malaysia.

I couldn’t stop myself from admiring, even though it’s not my first time – either Genting Dream Cruise is too good-looking, or maybe I just missed her.

Same procedure, checking-in, clearing the immigration and custom, and lastly getting on board!

I won’t really go into details this time, cause I’ve written about it on my last post.

It’ll be more about my experience and things that I had not experience before, let’s get started!

Privacy at The Palace Suite

One thing that I noticed being in a large cruise ship was, obviously, in contact with a bee-swarm of other passengers who would likely use the facilities provided.

It can be quite overwhelming for those who prefer to enjoy the cruise peacefully.

Elevate your cruising experience by staying in The Palace – part boutique hotel, part private clubhouse – meticulously shaped to ensure absolute comfort.

Indulge in between these four different types of room or suite in The Palace: Palace Suite, Palace Deluxe Suite, Palace Penthouse, and Palace Villa.

palace suite genting dream cruiseRoom in The Palace Villa

palace suite genting dream cruisePrivate viewing area

genting dream jacuzziJacuzzi facing the ocean

private pool genting dream cruisePool area at The Palace

An additional benefit for staying at The Palace is the exclusive facilities, privately accessible only for The Palace’s guests including the swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, even dining area.

On the second day on Genting Dream Cruise, we had a chance to explore the swimming pool area, no one was there.

It might be too early for people to swim at that time but it’s  a good timing for us to hit every corner and get the best angle to capture nice picture.

If only I had the whole day just relaxing, putting all the itineraries prepared for us on the side, I probably could spend the rest of the day swimming and sun-bathing here on this deck.

There are two jacuzzis just right in the front facing the ocean.

The sun, blue sky, ocean, and fancy cruise, couldn’t ask for a better way to enjoy life!

chilling genting dream

genting dream story

Dine, Spa, and Entertainment in Genting Dream Cruise

One thing I worried the most, and I knew it would be hard for me to handle while I was with Genting Dream Cruise.

Guess what? It’s to hold the temptation to eat all the food served at the restaurants.

Every time I stepped into a restaurant, I needed to remind myself to control my eating, or else all the diet and workouts that I had done would be useless.

You all know what happened next, don’t you? Screw the diet, I’m on holiday!

The sound of clattering spatula hitting the iron plate table jumbled with the sizzling sound of the ingredients.

Occasionally, a gleeful voice shouting in a high pitch jacked up the chaos inside the room, a good chaos.

Umi Uma Restaurant was filled with happiness, laughter, and admiration thanks to the Kungfu Chef.


Here in Uma Umi Restaurant, the food that you order will be made on spot by the chef.

On top of that, with a good sense of humor, the chef entertains everyone as a starter before the food is served and enjoyed.

I ordered the Dream Ocean from the menu, the shrimp and scallop are the rock star, served with fried rice, miso soup, and refreshing salad.

I finished everything to the last bite.

That was my first sin, the second one was lunch at Bistro by Mark Best – which wasn’t so bad in a way – that the portion was still acceptable for my diet.

It’s a fine dining anyway, a small but punching food could take me literally to heaven, cause it’s so yum!

First, they brought us a basket of bread and a plate full of salami and prosciutto.

Next, for the appetizer, a bowl of thick cauliflower soup with a drop of caviar, all the flavor exploded in my mouth!

Then the main came, pan-seared cod  with a special creamy puree and to wrap everything up, a delicate green tea cake.

umi uma restaurant genting dreamThe chef preparing food in Umi Uma Restaurant

food menu bistro by mark bestFood at Bistro by Mark Best

Meanwhile, when we had a bit of free time, exploring the cruise on our own was the only thing to do, better than staying inside the room.

Deck 16 and 17 were the area in Genting Dream Cruise that we hung around the most.

It’s the open area and for sure, people would love to enjoy the sun and do outdoor activities.

Everything is free to use, from swimming pool, playground, flying fox, basketball court, and outdoor beach club.

playground genting dream experiencePlayground area

I did try a one-hour massage here in Crystal Life Spa.

The appearance of the furniture, decoration, and the choice of color was very nice, soft and relaxing.

Before entering the room, a form was given to me and I could choose which part of my body would get more attention later on, I chose neck and shoulder, my favorite area.

The full body massage began from my back, down to my legs, and ended up with a massage in my head.

It was good, the masseuse was attentive and questioned if the strength was good enough.

I fell asleep not long before the massage finished.

Crystal spa genting dreamCrystal Life Spa Wellness

In my previous trip with Genting Dream Cruise, I didn’t get the chance to watch China Got Talent.

That’s why I was very excited to see the show.

It felt like we’re the audience and the judges were projected on big screen, giving comments to the performers. Some acts were thrilling, some were creative.

It goes without saying, all these performers show their best talent to entertain everyone on board.

Go watch them yourself, I don’t wanna be a spoiler!

chinese got talent performer

bar 360 genting dream performer

china's got talentChina Got Talent

Sadly, everything has come to an end. Three days were too quick.

I definitely wanna check other routes by Genting Dream Cruise, maybe to Japan, or Thailand.

Or maybe it’s sister cruise, World Dream Cruise, will see!

genting dream experienceThe “Dream” Squad!

Thanks for reading my Genting Dream Cruise review.

For more detail about destinations and facilities on board, go check their website!

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