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Mount Argopuro: Longest Mountain Track in Java

How is it like to hike the longest mountain track in Java – Mount Argopuro? Check out my experience here!

Mount Argapura often called as Argopuro is a no longer active volcano in East Java, precisely administrated in Probolinggo Regency.

This volcano is less popular compared to its neighborhood volcanoes, Mount Semeru and Raung, but it can’t be underestimated.

Besides,  Mount Argopuro holds the predicate as the mountain with longest track in Java, almost 40kms in total. The profound beauty lies within the enticing view of the landlocked savannas, tucked away in the valley of Mount Argopuro.

Yellowish color of tall blady grass, then switch to the dense flowery bushes, that’s the typical track that hikers will find. There are three eulogised peaks with the highest one vaults 3,088 meters above sea level.

A group of mine, encompassing of five people in total did 4 days hike in total. We started via Bremi and ended up in Baderan.

How to get to Mount Argopuro

The closest big city from Mt. Argopuro is Probolinggo. It is accessible 24 hours by bus from Surabaya. From Probolinggo, you can choose whether you want to start from Bremi or Baderan.

Easiest way, you can rent private car/van from Surabaya but if you wish to do it with public transportation:

  • Probolinggo-Bremi (Terminal AKAS Lama): From 6 a.m.- 5.30 p.m., (2 hours, Rp 17.000)
  • Probolinggo-Besuki (by bus to Situbondo, 1 hour)-Baderan (angkot, 45 minutes): From 6 a.m. till late. It won’t cost you more than Rp 50.000

Entrance Fee to Mount Argopuro: Rp 20,000/day in weekdays, Rp 30,000/day in weekends (Indonesian), Rp 250,000/day in weekdays, Rp 375,000/day in weekends (Foreigners)

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Via Bremi or Baderan?

Based from my past experience, I would definitely stick to Bremi, and finish it in Baderan.

Even though it’s steeper, but the ascending takes you only in the first day.

Rest of the days, it’s just downhill, even though the last part, which is the beginning of Baderan was crazy like hell.

However if I’m reversing the condition, ascending from Baderan will be more racking cause it is a super long way, like it’s never going to end.

Itinerary Hiking Mount Argopuro

Overall we spent 4 days for the hike. Here’s our itinerary hiking Mount Argouporo starting from Bremi and finishing in Baderan:

Day 1 (12 p.m. – 3.30 p.m. / 3.5 hours) : Bremi – Taman Hidup Lake

After passing through the villagers’ farms, we broke into the rain forest, with a not so steep ascending track.

There were two track options, a faster cutting path but steep, or an endless boring not so steep turning path like a snake movement until Taman Hidup.

Gladly, we arrived in the lake just before the sun came down, so we could still capture an intriguing reflection of the lake.

mount argopuro
Danau Taman Hidup
Danau Taman Hidup
Beautiful reflection

Day 2 (9.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m. / 8 hours) : Taman Hidup Lake – Junction

There’s no water source ahead until the next day, so we loaded up water from the lake, and continued our journey to the junction.

The track turns fiendishly at the last 3 hours before the junction. Steep ascending with heavy bags on the back, that’s a hard work.

trek argopuro
The flowers are everywhere

Day 3 (6.40 a.m. – 5.15 p.m. / 10 hours) : Summit attack – Cikasur

We spent almost three hours for taking pictures in three peaks, close to each other.

First was Arca/Hyang Peak, only 15 minutes from the junction. Next Argopuro peak, and last Rengganis Peak.

To be honest the peaks here were not as outstanding as the peaks from other mountains, but I would highlight Rengganis Peak, not actually the peak but the track before the peak was a vestige land of sulfur, full of white rocks.

From the junction it takes around 1 hour to the next water source, Rawa Embik. We rushed to our next camp ground Cikasur. Along the way, the blady grasses were everywhere!

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Day 4 (9 a.m. – 7 p.m. / 10 hours) : Cikasur – Baderan

Initially our plan was camped at Pos Mata Air I then continued the rest 4 hours to Baderan on the next day, but we decided to pull it off until the last.

The track was fine, straight and slope through uncountable savannas.

It was just fine until Pos Mata Air 2, where next torturing part happened, a small path with a size of one foot concave in between, worsen by the dust from the soil.

My feet sore really bad from the last 2.5 hours pebbled path, finally we made it to the end, safely.

That was our short rough experience of our journey.

There are plenty water sources in Mt. Argopuro, However, prepare more water between Rawa Embik-Taman Hidup because no water in between and it can take another one night to stay.

To sum it up, this journey was different from my usual hike, and this mountain for sure has a very special landscape, the savannas.

I felt completely tiny, in the middle of such a huge savannas.

Probably they were about seven savannas that we met, along the way.

Cikasur was one of the best camp ground that I’ve been to, I won’t forget, the moment I woke up and the sun was just about to rise up, and the light just created a magic golden color in the savanna.

Thanks as well to Vivi, Anton, Irvan, and Andreas, you guys made this trip fantastic!


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22 responses to “Mount Argopuro: Longest Mountain Track in Java”

  1. Jalan2 Liburan Avatar

    what a lovely journey, foto2nya juara ih, thanks for sharing this beautiful experience:)
    itu backpack berapa kilo btw ?

  2. Zahra Rabbiradlia Avatar

    Argopuro juga terkenal dengan 'Pasar' nya ya 😀

  3. Rifqy Faiza Rahman Avatar

    Oh man! Argopuro :((

    Did you find or maybe touch the plant calls "Jancukan"? 😀

  4. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Denger2 sih begitu…Tapi sih aman2 aja haha

  5. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    I saw it, but have no guts to touch it haha

  6. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Thankkss..Brapa kilo ya enggak ditimbang haha..

  7. Cumilebay MazToro Avatar

    Syahdu banget yaaa, dan akhirnya kamu berhasil sampai kesini hahaha

  8. Egan Avatar

    keren sis… kalo mao daki bolehlah ane ikut rombongannya. 😀

  9. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Iyaa sepi banget..untung gk ketemu yg aneh2 :))

  10. Cumilebay MazToro Avatar

    Btw menurut cerita mmg suka ketemu apa aja ??? penasaran banget sama cerita mistis gunung hahahah

  11. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Lah kan lu yang cerita haha…

  12. Anton Riyadi Avatar

    Mantabbb….. Kapan hiking lagi??? Inget ampe tua yah

  13. Anton Riyadi Avatar

    Mantabbb….. Kapan hiking lagi??? Inget ampe tua yah

  14. Prasanna Srinivasan Avatar

    Hi Velz,

    Very nice post. May i know if you went with agent or by yourself and your friends? I am interested in doing it in November. Perhaps you can give me some pointers.

  15. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    I'm doing it by myself and my friends. The path is clearly seen, but if you want to make sure the safety, better hire a guide from the basecamp

  16. thatsofarah Avatar

    Can we hire a guide from Bermi basecamp? Do you happen to have a contact number?

  17. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Hi Farah, try to contact this (0331) 85079, that's the number of conservation center. Or you can try to call +6285 713 362 290, he's a mountain guide. Thanks.

  18. Agus Susanto Avatar

    kemaren sempet ke argopuro dan puanjang bgt ya mbak tracknya, tpi aq lewat baderan mba..

  19. Velysia Zhang Avatar

    Hhahaha..Gimana rasanya lewat Baderan?

  20. Ryan Mazure Avatar

    Hey there, Do you know if you have to take a guide for this trip or only need a permit and can go alone?

    1. Velysia Zhang Avatar

      Hi you can do this by yourself if you’d like. But better to have some people coming along 🙂 The trek as far as I could remember was pretty clear. Good luck and have fun!

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