Two days actually were quiet short to explore West Sumatera. But I managed to go to some destinations that I want. I spent more time in Bukit Tinggi. There are many minibus going to Bukit Tinggi. 2 hours only with price around IDR 16,000. On the first day I could only visit Jam Gadang and Panaroma (place to see Ngarai Sianok). On the second day, Singkarak Lake, Istana Pagaruyung, and Lembah Harau. Too bad we cancelled Maninjau Lake due to our time limitation. Thanks alot to Bang Kohar for accompanying me and treating me so well. He paid all my transportation costs even rent a car so we could explore more although I tried to refuse. What a Wonderful Indonesia.

My friend said, if you went to Bukit Tinggi but didn’t take photo on Jam Gadang, mean you’re not eligible to be counted as visitor of Bukit Tinggi. Jam Gadang is like Big Ben in London. It is a landmark in Bukit Tinggi. The unique part is four is designed with IIII, not IV. To get inside, tourists have to pay. From the information I got, it cost around IDR 50,000

it was raining

Next, Ngarai Sianok, located not far from Jam Gadang. A beautiful canyon and green valleys. The place to see this amazing view is called Panorama Park. Visitors only pay IDR 5,000. Goa Jepang or in english means Japan Cave has history on how gloom the past when Japanese colonized Indonesia. IDR 5,000 again to go inside. There are some monkeys playing around. Souvenir shops form a line selling some artistic painting and statue.

In my West Sumatera Journey, I couldn’t separate from Padang food ! I love the eel, it’s yummy! Second day I went to Singkarak Lake. An hour from Bukit Tinggi It’s a huge lake. We met Bang Kohar’s friend and he offered rent car because if I stick with my plan using public transportation, I couldn’t catch up everything in one day. I had to go back to Pekanbaru on that day. I didn’t want to rent car because it’s expensive but Bang Kohar said it’s oke and he would pay for me. I refused but he insisted so, big thanks for him.

Singkarak Lake
Dry salted fish

Next, Istana Pagaruyung in Batu Sangkar. Before, Pagaruyung was a kingdom. It has architecture of Rumah Gadang, traditional house in Minangkabau Land. It was a replica and used for tourism these days. Still, it is a culture and heritage that we need to maintain.

We stopped in a tourist attraction called Ngalau Cave. 

Last and most wanted place. Harau Valley. Located in Payahkumbuh, about 1 hour by car. First time looking at those scene, breathtaking. Green valley, green rice field, waterfalls, it’s just too WOW to be explained. I was planning to stay a night before but all hostels were full booked ! I just realized it’s almost new year. Wrong time, but I still enjoy the view. It’s very relaxing, refreshing, calm i could stay in this place for a long time.

beautiful rice field

I want to stay here but full booked =(

If you wish to stay in this place check out this site Quiet affordable. The cheapest one is only IDR 90,000 for two persons. For reservation, send email to [email protected] Another homestay is Abdi Homestay. Mobile Phone +62 852 637 81842 and email: [email protected]

Enjoy =)

Traveled in 28-29 December 2012 

Special Thanks to Bang Kohar