Kawah Sileri

Dieng is located in Wonosobo, Central Java. It’s very cold there. Some interesting places here are Kawah Sileri, Telaga Merdada, Telaga Warna, Museum Kaliasa, Dieng Theater, Candi Arjuna, Puncak Cikunir. In muesum and theater, we will learn about Dieng. Puncak Cikunir was once said as the top 5 best sunrise (internet version) If it’s clear, we can see Mount Sindoro, Merapi, Merbabu, Unggaran, and Slamet. But too
bad last time was cloudy. You won’t miss tasting mie ongklok, special noodles here. and also some snacks they made. Thanks God for this amazing nature. Love Indonesia. I took package trip from Kevi Explorer for 500k. Enjoy the pics 

Muesum Kaliasa

Telaga Warna

somewhere on our way

Sunrise Puncak Cikunir, cloudy

Performance..Pencak Silat?

Yummy Yummy Snack !

Taken from a hill behind Dieng Theater

Somewhere behind Dieng theater

Kawah Sikidang

Hanoma?? Candi Arjuna

Yummy Mie Ongklok

Amazing right??

Traveled in 21-23 September 2012