Regularly voted as the ‘Best Spa Destination’ in the world by experts, Thailand is truly heaven on earth. If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, massage parlors are as ubiquitous as 7/11 convenience stores which line almost every street of the nation’s capital. Outside the city, there are wellness centers set against a backdrop of exotic beaches. Either way, Thailand makes sure that you never run out of places to unwind, rejuvenate, and receive the pampering of a lifetime. Check out this list of highly-recommended spa resorts in Thailand where you can master the art of relaxation.

1. Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

This international hotel chain is no stranger to the business of luxurious and zen-filled holidays. The 4.5-star Sheraton Hua Hin houses Shine Spa which offers a combination of Eastern and Western-style head-to-toe care packages. Try the 150-minute Hydration Marine Ritual where specialists lather your body in an algae-infused ointment before letting you take an indulgent bath.

Glamour Magazine identified the beneficial properties of algae, most notably its effects on the skin. It has a moisturising effect due to high Vitamin E content. Marine algae also contains Vitamin B, a strong anti-inflammatory agent; and Vitamin C, which restores youthfulness to the skin. Head to the quiet seaside town of Hua Hin on your next Thailand getaway and reserve a weekend at the Sheraton.


2. Santosa Phuket

A partying hotspot in the south of Thailand, Phuket is the last place you’d think to go for a peaceful escapade. But this island in the Andaman Sea is bountiful with yoga and wellness retreats which operate all year long. Santosa Phuket is sought after for their detox and cleansing packages that include spa treatments. They also have a combination of traditional healing methods from Ayurvedic massages to galvanic facials. Their menu consists of delectable vegan fare because in Santosa, they believe in the old saying that ‘food is thy medicine’.

3. Keemala

In Phuket’s jungle, perched among the trees are the enchanting cottages of Keemala. Travel journalist Lee Cobaj noted that this boutique resort is ‘pure fantasy’ reminiscent of Hobbit architecture from Tolkien’s universe. It takes the idea of tree houses and turns it into a magical hideaway perfect for romantic vacations or a solitary escape.

The tranquil Mala Spa offers a customized holistic program which makes use of medicinal plants abundant in the tropical area. The resort takes its name from the nomadic clans of Keemala who eventually settled in Phuket where they found the flora and fauna to be abundant. They developed an extensive knowledge of healing rituals, holistic treatments, and herbal medicines which the resort aims to continue.


4. The Sanctuary Thailand

Glistening waters, swaying palm fronds, and a tranquil vibe is exactly what you’d find in this hidden oasis in Koh Phangan. It has been said that Alex Garland’s The Beach was inspired by The Sanctuary Thailand, although others have also staked their claim on the novel’s hedonistic island. The Sanctuary is haven for yogis and those who seek paradise. The in-house spa offers a variety of massage treatments such as the traditional Thai massage and full body scrubs with the use of sea salt, aloe, and other salves.

If you want to learn how to knead the knots out of your partner’s aching body, The Sanctuary also provides courses on couple’s massages. FoxyBingo suggests that this unique experience breaks couples out of their comfort zone, and improves relationships through strengthening intimacy. Give this resort a try if what you want to have a truly relaxing time with your loved one. Although, going with family or friends is enjoyable nonetheless.

5. Kamalaya Resort

Saving the best for last, Kamalaya is not only Koh Samui’s most prized spa and resort – it’s actually one of the best in all of Asia. Kamalaya is an award-winning holistic wellness sanctuary nestled within a magnificent natural space. Co-owner Karina Stewart told Forbes that it is situated near a cave where Buddhist monks and nuns have been coming to seek enlightenment for hundreds of years. It’s believed that the sacred aura from this activity extends to Kamalaya.

They have just about every wellness program imaginable from cleansing rituals, daily yoga practice, acupuncture, massages, to life coaches available to offer guests some guidance. After one visit, you’ll definitely want to come back for more as many have been doing over the years.

Source: Kamalaya

Thailand’s landscape and seascape are sublime and hard to match. Hopping to the beaches in Phi Phi to the sacred temples in Bangkok show that there’s a little bit of everything for all kinds of tourists. But for a complete Thailand getaway, don’t forget to include a revitalizing stay in one of the country’s spa resorts.


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