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The Colours in Sydney Fish Market

When I was a little girl, my mom would ask me on Sunday, “Hey, do you wanna come with me to the market?” I was like, “Hell no!” Yea, market was a nightmare for me, especially when I was around that age, fifteen year ago? (Damn, I feel old now). But, Sydney Fish Market is totally different.

The Market Where I Came From

A market from where I came for, was really traditional, all the stalls were built from wood, it was always hectic, it’s impossible to walk without bumping each other. The smell of dead fishy fish, flies attacking from everywhere, a splash of dirty water from the hole on the street, scooters honking, it was a complete disaster, to me when I was young. I couldn’t believe how my mom survived going to this market every Sunday, buying groceries and breakfast for us ( I was so in love with the breakfast, anyway). This market is still exist, nothing had changed much.

It was me who changed. I’m not that timid girl who afraid to go to the market anymore, in fact, I love going to traditional market. Well, I guess since I travel and my interest in photography starts to bloom. I really like strolling around the market, observing my surroundings, and trying to find an angle or a perfect moment to shoot. Other than that, sampling the food is my biggest crave in order to immerse myself to the places that I’ve been.

Visiting Sydney Fish Market

Okay, that was a little intro about my childhood. You probably know that I’m in Australia currently for a year. What am I doing here? I’m here for work and holiday. There are many things that I’ve done since I’ve been here for quiet a while. From bush walking around Blue Mountain and Three Sisters to watching the incredible Vivid Sydney, it would be incomplete without going to the market.

There are many pop-up markets here in Sydney. Each suburb usually has a pop-up market on weekend. I’ve been to the one near The Rocks, Central Park, Bondi Market, and the one near Glebe. The market here is different, you know developed countries are different. The market is organized well and clean. They sell not just daily needs or food, but also creative stuffs such as accessories, clothes, even paintings.

What about Fish Market? Sydney fish market differs from other normal market. Obviously, it is specialized in seafood. Do you know that it’s the third largest seafood market in the world? (I just knew it!). I’ve been to Sydney Fish Market twice and it doesn’t stop me to keep revisiting this place again. Why? Because the food here is amazing! I’m a big fan of seafood, so this place is definitely the place for me. You can get a seafood platter, fried, grilled, or even fresh. I’m sure your tummy would be spoiled here. It’s really interesting to see different types of seafood, cods, alaskan crabs, oysters.

Enough stories! Let’s move on to some pictures!

cheese oyster in sydney

sushi box sydney fish market

fried stuff in sydney fish market

cheese in sydney fish market

sydney fish market

Getting to Sydney Fish Market

Take Light Rail from Central Station and stop at Fish Market.


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