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The Griya Villa and Spa: An Eden in East Coast Bali, Amed

Tucked away in the east coast of Bali, a luxurious hideaway stands out in the hilly area of Amed, offering the real privacy, the Griya Villa and Spa.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the main touristy area in Bali, the Griya Villa and Spa is an excellent choice for you to stay with your beloved ones in East Bali.

This was my second time in Amed. My first visit in Amed left a strong impression and I couldn’t wait to experience the same thing again, this time in The Griya Villa and Spa

The Griya Villa and Spa
The surrounding of the villa

Checking-in to the Griya Villa and Spa

Soon as I stepped into the open space lobby of The Griya Villa and Spa, I was hypnotized with the shell decoration hanging on the ceiling.

The sofa and cushion looks refreshing, bright and blended with natural color. While the receptionist checked my booking, I was delighted with a welcome drink and fresh towel.

I was in need of the fresh towel to cool down myself from the heat after three hours drive from Denpasar.

Just right after the lobby area, I saw some guests were enjoying their time under the sun, splashing around the pool area with incredible view towards the dry yet exotic hill.

I really wanted to jump right at that moment, but the guy from the reception had signed us that the room was ready and we could check-in immediately.

Lobby at The Griya Villa and Spa
Lobby at The Griya Villa and Spa

The friendly staff then ushered us to our room with the buggy, following the path uphill. It wasn’t that far from the lobby, we could just walk but that’s the part of service that The Griya Villa and Spa provided for the guest.

Anyway, I enjoyed the short ride passing the lush and that tropical-feel from the garden.

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Touring around our private villa in The Griya Villa and Spa

We stopped at villa number 8, a two-bedroom villa that we’d be staying for a night. A giant door stood in front of us and the staff opened that door for us.

Gotta watch my steps cause there’s a small pond behind that door, so I lightly walked on the stone step and next I found myself in our own private villa.

I was very enthusiastic, I went straight to the first room surrounded with the floor-to-ceiling glass door. It was the common room with a solid sofa set and home theater.

Next to it, a fully equipped kitchen set and dining table were ready to be used. I saw a coffee machine with some variant of coffee blends but maybe that could wait until I finished the room tour.

I fled to the other two rooms which look similar to each other but in a separate bungalow-alike building, the bedroom itself. It has a touch of traditional Balinese vibe but designed in an elegant way.

The room feels earthy with wooden floor and curtain. At the back, a semi-open space bathroom drew my attention with its minimalist design yet still keeping the natural look.

The other room has a sleek, charcoal-ish-colored bathtub, makes me tempted to take a dip to pamper myself.

Room at the Griya Villa and Spa
Room at the Griya Villa and Spa

The best out of all the facilities that we got was definitely the infinity pool, privately just for us so we could do anything that we wanted to do.

Each villa has its own private pool, amazing isn’t it? And it’s facing right to the ocean, precisely to Lipah Bay. I changed to my swimsuit, turned on the loudspeaker which is provided by the villa as well, and played the best music that fit the mood, it was heaven!

After enjoying the pool session, I was ready to hit the gym to get some exercise. I noticed a paper on the dining table with information about free yoga class at 4 p.m .

I’m into yoga lately and would love to do a yoga for sure. Unfortunately, I needed to book for it a day before to join the yoga so I just headed to the gym. T

he gym is located at a floor below the lobby, that’s where the spa and the sauna located as well. The gym is equipped with basic equipment. I only need a mat for my workout so I decided to take it back to the villa and did my workout in the villa.

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Pampering myself in Channa Spa

The Griya Villa and Spa is proud of its health and wellness center. The Channa Spa is a gem, a place to nourish your body and soul through a selection of treatment, whether with its signature massage, Channa Massage, or its stress-reliever package, Reiki Tummo Energy.

The Channa Spa has a warm interior design with natural stone tile and dozens of striking bamboo poles up near the ceiling. Guest can choose to have the treatment indoor or outdoor, both have their own unique yet relaxing ambience.

I tried the 60-minute Channa Massage. Before having my massage, I was served with a cup of warm herbal drink. Then the lady cleaned my feet in a bowl of warm water.

I undressed myself, laid on the bed, and the lady started to press me gently from my feet up to my body, and head. I was completely indulged in the massage. The smell of the aromatherapy and the sound of the relaxing music, it was so good.

Channa Spa
Channa Spa

Sunset at the Rooftop Lounge and dinner

I finally recharged after the massage and the day had slowly switched to dusk before the night come. The staff told us that we could enjoy the sunset at the rooftop lounge.

It wasn’t exactly that kind of dramatic sunset, we’re in the east coast so the sun drops at the opposite side. Still, we could enjoy the illuminating sky over the horizon with the sea as the backdrop.

I was surprised with the happy hour promotion, a bucket of beer, five bottles in it only cost Rp 120,000 after the tax, that’s a very good deal. They also run a movie night at the lounge. It’ll be fun to have your family and together watch the movie under the star.

Feeling hungry we headed down to the restaurant to have dinner. Safka Restaurant, the main restaurant offers a wide range of delicacy from western to traditional Balinese food.

Try the Authentic Balinese Rijjstafel Menu, for the true local experience where the food is served in the center of the table with a large basket of steamed rice.

I didn’t feel like eating to much, the staff suggested me to try the Catch of the Day, so I did. I had a grilled Marlin with a green salad and mashed potato on side. The food that I had was a bit average, to be honest.

After a heavy dinner, I needed some sweet treats to lighten my taste-bud. I chose a dessert from Maku Healthy Cafe which is right next to the restaurant, an Avocado Chocolate Mousse.

Those who opted for a healthier or maybe vegetarian menu can try the food in Maku Cafe such as salads, healthy bowls, and homemade dessert. I would recommend this chic cafe during the teatime.

What a long day, time to get some sleep. I was so tired that I missed my alarm for the sunrise. Too bad, it must be pretty when the sun pops out and slowly rise especially above the infinity pool.

Pretty much after collecting all my souls back to this body, we headed back to Safka Restaurant for breakfast this time. The breakfast was served in a la carte, an orange juice and my all-time-favorite eggs benedict should be enough for me.

If you’re too lazy to get down to the restaurant then you can use the room service to get your breakfast delivered with a small extra fee.

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Eggs benedict as my breakfast

We spent the rest of the day in the pool, again, until we checked out. I wish I could stay longer in the Griya Villa and Spa. This place is perfect if you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful hideaway with your partner or family.

I had a blast staying in the Griya Villa and Spa and hopefully I’d be back again someday, thank you! And here’s more pictures for you!

pool at the griya and spa
Pool at the Griya Villa and Spa
bathtub the griya and spa
Bathtub at The Griya Villa and Spa
Safka Restaurant
Safka Restaurant
Maku Restaurant
Home-made dessert at Maku Restaurant
Griya Spa
Detail from Channa Spa
private pool
Playing in my own private pool
Drone Shot
Drone shot of the pool with Bobby and Fahmi

Hotel Information 

The Griya Villa and Spa
Rate: starting from IDR 2,800,000/night
Amed Bunutan Village, Karangasem – Bali
Phone : +62 363 235 71
E-mail :
Website :

Interested to stay in The Griya Villa and Spa? Click here for the best rate!

About Amed and East Bali

Amed is located in the east Bali, approximately 100 km or three hours drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Public transportation is rare in Bali so it’s better to have your transportation arranged.

Amed is well-known for its exceptional diving spots, especially for shipwreck dive. Its neighbouring village, Tulamben is a hot diving spot where the 125 meter-long American Cargo Ship sits just near the shore, USAT Liberty Shipwreck.

Compared to the south of Bali, East Bali is still less-crowded makes it a nice place to chill and relax. You’ll get to see a nice scenery along the way to Amed, especially the view of the highest volcano in Bali, Mount Agung.

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Traveled in 30 – 31 October 2017

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