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What’s on: September 2016

Hey, how is it going? I might have to punish myself for abandoning my blog for quite a while. Life’s been busy and really exhausting.

I don’t really have time for myself, even when I have, I’d rather just lay down on my bed and do nothing.

I tried several times to write on something cause I’ve been doing stuffs, but again, I can’t be bother “squeezing” my brain, I apologize for that.

Today, I’m sitting by myself with a cup of yoghurt topped up with marshmallow, choco chips, and a drip of melted chocolate, oh well, and fresh kiwi and rock melon at Anita-La Mamma del Gelato.

They’re actually famous for their gelato, but I’m sweet enough to have a gelato, (haha, funny).

I finally got, not a day off, but more like a half-day off.

I keep telling myself, I need to write something no matter what, even just one or two paragraphs.

So, if you see this article up, it means I really make an effort to finish the whole thing.

Alright, I’ll share a little bit what had recently happened in my life during the month of September.

First things first, it’s spring here in Australia, yay!. It’s finally getting warmer. I can see the same trees with branches only before, now they have these little buds growing, how lovely.

I didn’t know spring could be this beautiful.

I was attending Cherry Blossom Festival in Auburn which is pretty cool.

I saw cherry blossom flowers blooming, feels like in Japan.

There are some Japanese cultural performances as well including music performance and sumo show.

I also went for whalewatching along east coast of Sydney.

It’s a new experience for me and I really recommend you to do that as well.

We met two whales, a young mother and a calf coming up to surface every 10-15 minutes and show how graceful these animals are.

I was so lucky to see the whale jump and breach. It was really really amazing.

Ah, I just got this baby, Gopro Hero 4 silver that I’ve always wanted to buy since I arrived in Sydney.

Can’t believe I kept delaying it till I almost out of this country!

Apparently, I had a bad time as well. It’s because I pushed myself to get a new job, even though I didn’t really need it.

Being half-hearted taking this job, plus, thinking about my next travel which is about a month to go, it’s just killing me. You know, when you really looking forward to something you keep counting the days, it feels forever.

I feel better now, just let it go and don’t think too much, and hey, time goes really quick. I’m really excited for my upcoming adventure.

I hate to say that I’m actually gaining fat, haha.

I ate too much shit recently, especially since I start my new job in an Italian Restaurant.

I always take pizza and pasta home for my dinner, worse, I eat it before I sleep, oh no. I tried to stop this bad eating habit by just getting salad.

That should be everything. I almost finish my work and holiday visa so I’m leaving Australia soon.

I’m really happy, but sad in the same time. I met some amazing people here, I made really good friends, but what can I do.

There will be some farewell parties coming up, it’ll be fun. I’m really excited for another change in my life! (Slurping my last yoghurt)


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  1. Cumilebay MazToro Avatar

    Jadi ini beli gelato gratis go pro ??? #LaluDisambit #Kabur

  2. Adis Takdos Avatar

    yuuuum!! seger banget nih kayanya

    Adis takdos

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